Reviews & Testimonials

    CBC Radio Broadcast Review

    “I’m here at a Trio Accord concert in West Vancouver. Absolutely wonderful time! You hear incredible music and you also have this intimacy and this passion of having the musicians performing right in front of you. It’s wonderful. The performers are very intense and they’re very immediate. You can almost feel the vibrations going through you from the instruments because you’re so close You also get the interconnection between the performers who are looking at each other for cues. It’s beautiful. It’s a wonderful experience.

    In a concert like this, we normal people become the nobility. This only happened in antique societies where the nobles commissioned works and had their own musicians in their castles playing for them. We, who are here, get to hear the music in the way for which it was intended, which is in a small chamber. The nobles used to be the important people. Now it is the artists who are the important people. We look up to what they’re doing.”

    Hilary Clark

    CBC Radio Broadcase Review

    “A house concert is a very intimate setting. In this big open house, stone floors and beautiful candles lit everywhere, it’s luxurious. Just what you would think of as a perfect setting for a chamber music evening. You’re right there sitting very close to the performers and you feel one with the music. You can hear every single subtlety and in a place with beautiful acoustics like this, it’s perfect, it’s great.”

    Frazer Elliott,
    a student attending the University of Victoria

    House Concert Review

    “I have to tell you that my first experience of a house concert was with Trio Accord. I was so enchanted by the musical intimacy that I was honestly left breathless by the experience. Please know that this is truly expressed from my heart. The true experience of chamber music is very special to me. Thank you for adding more colour to my life.”

    Cynthia Fung-Sunter